Garden Trellis

Garden Trellis For Balcony Privacy

Always wanted to make a Green Wall for Balcony Privacy? Here is the solution. Use Creeper plants, Planters and Invelligen Trellis to make the Garden/ Balcony Privacy Wall you always wanted. Also Initial Growth Days All Plants need Stem Support, Creepers and Climber Plants would always need support as they have week stem. They need support to grow well and give flowers and fruits. To grow creepers and climbers plants proper support structure is required and Garden Trellis is one of the structures to support plant growth. Invelligen Smart Garden Trellis Comes with configurable option where you can change the size of trellis very easily according to your needs.You can adjust height from 3 feet to 5 feet in seconds. We sell only Trellis , the planter and the plants need to be purchased separate.  

This plant support falls under category of garden decoration items and also in garden tools for home gardening.This Climber support for Plants is better then bamboo sticks for plants support available in market due to its long life. This plant support for creepers is weather proof and adds great looks to your gardening setup. Any day this plant stick is better then green mask stick.Invelligen plant climber support can be used for indoor plants for living room or flower pots for home gardening. This can also be used in pots for plants gardening big size 12 inch. You can use it in any pots for plants gardening or as money plant stick.This plant sticks support comes in black and grey color.