Invelligen Smart Plant Stem Support

February 22, 2021 By Damien

Like Humans Plant or Trees need initial Support to grow. Specifically the urban farmers who have space constraints
and are growing in Pots & Planters or soil Pits really struggle to manage stem support for Tomatoes
Chilies Ladyfinger infact all plant need proper stem support till their stems are strong enough to hold the plant weight.

The options available today are either bamboo stick or waste plastic/metal rods  or  a thread tie attached to some wall. You may have to change sticks once the plant grows certain height . All this process of adjusting threads and changing support rods put unnecessary stress on the plant  also your beautiful garden looses the visual appeal because of hanging threads and broken ugly sticks

Invelligen has introduced smart plant support which adds a chic look to your garden. You can change Height of stick from
1 feet to 5 feet in 50 seconds. The Smart Pole has a provision to hold Drip lines upto 8 mm incase  you have Drip Irrigation Installed.
Our innovative Plant Support Tower Pole is a DIY Tower with a Stake which makes installation and mounting easy. The Stake helps the pole to hold the Ground Firm. 
Once the plant grows and doesn’t need support its easy to dismantle and store. For more details about the product please reach out to